Masonite Livingston Doors

New Livingston™ Doors by Masonite®

Whether they are being nudged open at the start of a new day, closed for a few minutes of precious relaxation, or simply helping store a closet full of your favorite clothes, your interior doors should have as much personality, and be as beautiful, as the rest of your home. Luckily, finding the right doors for your home is easy …

Masonite Front Doors

How to Choose a Front Door

From inviting friends inside, to swinging open when you have an armload of groceries to taking the brunt of a solicitor’s pesky knock, your front door goes through a lot. The first thing people notice about your space, your entry door is a staple to the style of your home. Give your home the front entry door it deserves by …

Introducing 10-Foot Doors by Andersen

If there’s one thing 2017 homeowners are craving in their houses, it’s big, bold, open designs. From open floorplans to dramatic window treatments, Kansas City residents are opting for spacious, modern styles that give their home a larger than life aesthetic. That’s why Andersen is proud to introduce new 10-foot doors.

pocket door

The Perks of Pocket Doors

When it comes to remodeling your home, the doors in your house are probably a low priority. Other than slapping them with a fresh coat of paint, chances are, you most likely have not given those key features of your home much thought. Your house’s traditional interior doors seem like just another task you can sweep under the rug, but …