If you’re building a new home or residing an existing home and are looking for a way to protect your home from the elements and also reduce your energy bills, consider ZIP System from Huber Engineered Woods. McCray Lumber and Millwork is a proud distributor of ZIP System roof and wall sheathing.

Revolutionizing the building materials world, this sheathing and tape system saves time and money on the job, all while being incredibly easy to install.

Benefits of the ZIP System
ZIP System wall sheathing and roof sheathing provides two products in one – an engineered wood panel OSB along with a built-in protective water-resistant barrier. This combination eliminates the need for housewrap or felt. It also saves you the time needed to install a housewrap.

ZIP System by Huber reduces air leakage, which decreases drafts and helps keep out pollutants, dust, insects, and odors. Proper sealing also diminishes the risk of water vapor collecting inside the walls, which can cause mold, mildew, and related health problems. Not only will this keep your home looking great, but it will keep it strong for longer.

Plus, the weather-resistant nature of the ZIP System provides unmatched protection for your home during even the most brutal midwestern thunderstorms, hail, snow, and more.

Energy Efficient Homes
ZIP System also makes your home more energy efficient. With superior water, air, and thermal control, this system combines continuous built-in exterior insulation with restrictive barriers to create a more environmentally-friendly structure.

Choose the materials best for your climate, and help save the planet while saving money. The U.S. Dept of Energy reports that 30% to 40% of the cost of heating and cooling a home is lost to uncontrolled air leakage. Homes that use ZIP System save an average of 10.5% on utility bills.

ZIP System Installation in Kansas City
Installation of ZIP System roof and wall sheathing is easy. Simply install the panels, seal the seams with ZIP System tape using a special roller, and you’re done. Siding and roofing can be installed directly on top of the ZIP System sheathing.

Huber Warranty
Huber offers a 30-year warranty on both the air and water penetration properties and the panel structure. See the experts at McCray Lumber and Millwork for more information about ZIP System wall and roof sheathing.

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