Masonite Doors

Holiday Decoration Inspiration for Your New Masonite Door

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the weeks following the installation of your new Masonite front door. You waited all year for this, and now that it is finally installed, you cannot wait to show it off to the entire neighborhood as they drive by with envy.

It is no secret that your front door makes a statement, so during this holiday season, tell the story of the family living just on the other side of your new Masonite door with these decorating tips:

Keep it Simple
Sometimes the biggest statements are the simplest, so keep that in mind while choosing decorations. From a simple green wreath to a bright red bow around your door handle, classic touches will help bring cheer to your porch. Not to mention, these simple decorations will still leave plenty of room for the natural beauty of your new door to be displayed.

Show Off Your Personality
Let the neighborhood know the family that lives behind your door by showing off your personality through your Christmas decorations. Are your kids looking forward to snow days ahead? Hang a miniature sled from the knocker. Is your favorite carol Silent Night? Incorporate some sparkly tinsel stars into the design. Taking advantage of small details like these will help highlight your household’s individuality.

Shine a Light on Your Masterpiece
Once the decorations are hung and your work of holiday art is complete, illuminate your masterpiece with Fortress lighting hardware so that the whole world can see. Lighting up the front of your house, and in turn your entry door, will not only help to show off your newfound festive cheer, but it will also increase the safety of your home.

Whether you go all out with homemade wreaths or simply hang an ornament from your handle, your new Masonite front door will be the hit of the neighborhood. With an eco-friendly design and aesthetically charming style, your new Masonite door, whether decorated professionally or by your kids, will bring new life to your house and be the gift that keeps on giving long after the holidays are gone.

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