Whether you’re a builder constructing a new home, a remodeler giving a home a facelift, or a homeowner in need of replacement windows for your home, McCray Lumber and Millwork has a wide variety of windows to choose from, including both new construction windows and replacement windows.

Loewen Windows
Andersen Windows


Most homeowners don’t give a lot of thought to their windows. When they think of home improvements, they think of remodeling a kitchen or bath, or repainting the interior or exterior. But changing out the windows in your home can be a valuable investment in several ways.

  • Replacing your windows can decrease your energy bills. The Energy Information Administration estimates that as much as a third of the average home’s heat loss occurs through windows and doors. Some energy efficient windows are eligible for a federal tax credit.
  • Newer windows have better sound proofing, decreasing noise from outside.
  • Replacing your windows can increase your home’s resale value. New windows can give your home an updated look, making it look newer and set it apart from the other homes in your neighborhood.
  • Replacing older windows can increase your home’s security. Older windows may not lock anymore, leaving your family vulnerable to intruders.

When selecting new windows, be sure to take into account your home’s architecture and style. With McCray Lumber and Millwork’s extensive selection of windows – we offer them in almost every possible shape and size – it’s possible to find the perfect window for even the most unique home, both new and old. McCray Lumber and Millwork offers windows from the top brands:

Loewen: Why can’t a window be as much a work of art as the landscape it frames? To Loewen, a window should be more than just a source of natural light and air… it should be a source of inspiration. Consequently, you may have trouble deciding which is more inspiring: the view outside your windows or the windows themselves.

Andersen: Part of the American home for more than a century, Andersen provides stunning windows that complement and enhance all home styles, from the simple to the dramatic, to give you what you need for building, remodeling, and replacement.

Silverline by Plygem: Silverline is committed to producing exceptional windows that both enhance the home and improve the life of the homeowner. Their windows provide builders, architects, and ultimately homeowners with energy-efficient, low-maintenance solutions that add beauty and charm to any house.

Eagle by Andersen: Eagle believes your inspiration and vision should guide your design without limits, because good design matters. To architects, to builders, to homeowners, in every detail, inspired design distinguishes the ordinary from the extraordinary. Unlimited colors, blinds between the glass, choices of wood species.

Quaker Windows and Doors: More than 60 years of the same quality, commitment and dedication are guaranteed to you with your purchase of Quaker windows and doors. Founded in 1949 and based in Freeburg, Missouri, the Quaker family-owned corporation was built on a business philosophy of quality and customer satisfaction that continues today.