If you’re looking for an amazing custom door or custom moulding that will add style and elegance to your home or business, look no further than Doorland Group custom door and custom moulding, available from McCray Lumber and Millwork. Doorland Group, an industry leader, creates custom wood stile and rail doors, MDF fire-rated doors, and wood mouldings for commercial and residential applications.

Doorland Group custom doors and wood mouldings are created using superb craftsmanship, generations of knowledge, and state-of-the art machinery and software. Doorland Group offers the unique ability to interpret any and all design plans in ways that express their clients’ vision. The size, shape, color, finish, and any other element of their custom doors can be adapted to blend with your décor. They will work closely with you throughout the process, from inception to delivery.

Doorland Group has five divisions, each offering specialized commercial and residential door products and services.

Wood Stile and Rail Doors
Doorland Group’s solid wood stile and rail doors are made from top grade lumber and assembled using a mortise and tenon joint, which produces one of the strongest joints in woodworking. Their door stiles are created from a single length of solid wood. Doorland Group’s wood stile and rail doors are available in several species, including red oak, yellow poplar, mahogany, cherry, walnut, maple, and knotty pine.

MDF Doors
MDF doors from Doorland Group are made from superior quality MDF with a solid wood door edge, which provides a superior grip during and after installation. Doorland Group’s MDF doors will not expand, contract, shrink, split, or warp. These MDF doors can be custom designed in any size and a variety of profiles and styles, including flat panel, raised panel, or louvered.

Solid Wood Moulding and Trim
Doorland Group can create their solid wood mouldings in any specialty wood. Templates and knives are custom created, cut, and ground in-house to provide better control of the design and consistent quality. Doorland Group can create custom moulding profiles based on architectural and designer drawings.

Factory Finish
Doorland Group custom doors are factory finished in a controlled environment using advanced machinery and qualified staff to produce a superior finish. Doorland Group’s interior doors and exterior doors can be finished in solid color, stain, sealer, and lacquer.

Add the perfect finishing touch to your custom door with Doorland Group’s complimentary hardware. Doorland Group offers classical, contemporary, and custom hardware in a variety of finishes to enhance your custom door.