Tyvek HomeWrap

Protect Your Home From Kansas Weather with DuPont’s Tyvek HomeWrap

Knowing that insulation is key to keeping our homes comfortable, it’s important to have a reliable housewrap installed to combat our varying Midwest weather. It’s applied after the sheathing and insulation but before the siding, essentially acting as a protective blanket around your home. It keeps out the moisture and unwelcome air, benefiting homeowners and their pockets in many ways.

Winter Deck Safety 101

Before the first chance of significant snowfall of the season, check to see if your deck is prepared to handle the weight or if it needs some repair work. Unfortunately deck safety is typically neglected until a deck collapses. In recent years, the number of deck collapses has been on the rise because most homeowners don’t realize the life expectancy …

Stair Case

Updating Your Stairs Can Make a Dramatic Difference to Your Home

The holidays are right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to get your house in perfect shape for holiday entertaining. Updating your stairs is a great place to start. While it may seem like a small or insignificant change, updating your staircase can make a dramatic difference. McCray Lumber and Millwork has everything you need to give your …