Masonite Livingston Doors

New Livingston™ Doors by Masonite®

Whether they are being nudged open at the start of a new day, closed for a few minutes of precious relaxation, or simply helping store a closet full of your favorite clothes, your interior doors should have as much personality, and be as beautiful, as the rest of your home. Luckily, finding the right doors for your home is easy with Masonite’s new line of Livingston interior doors.

Designed to make you “stop and take notice”, Masonite’s series of Livingston doors are a new and exclusive way to liven up the inside of your home. The universally appealing profile of the doors includes dramatic, yet elegant recessed panels that are richly detailed, creating a stunning look that can be reflected throughout your home.

No matter the existing style of your home, there is a Livingston door for you. Available in either hollow or solid core, each door features a timeless design that has a smooth, primed surface. This surface allows you to easily paint and personalize your door, giving you the perfect versatile canvas to uniquely show off your personal taste.

Livingston interior doors are not only a beautiful choice for your home, but also a practical one. In fact, when you choose a door with the Safe ‘N Sound option, you get the benefits of better durability and sound reduction, as well as the heft and aesthetic of a solid wood door. Select door heights and designs with 1-3/4” widths also have a 20-minute fire-rating to help keep you and your family safe.

Open your home up to new possibilities with Livingston interior doors by Masonite. Unique, versatile, and timeless, these are the doors your home deserves.

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