Patio Doors

Top Patio Door Options

You did it. You finally built that beautiful patio that you and your loved ones have always dreamed of, and your house is beginning to feel more and more like a home. But even though the boards have been secured and the cement has dried, your patio is not complete without the right millwork to tie together the project. In fact, the best finishing touch for your patio is a new door.

Large patio doors come in a variety of styles and functionalities that can set the tone for your newly created outdoor living space. Whether you are looking for multiple doors that slide open, or are more in favor of folding entryways, manufacturers like Loewen and Western have all of your patio door options covered.

If you are in favor of folding doors that virtually disappear when opened, consider investing in a Bifold door. This style allows for your door to be easily pushed aside and folded together in an accordion style, creating an effortless continuation from your interior living area to the outside space.

MultiSlide doors are great for homeowners looking to give their space a beautifully dramatic opening, with the security of all-weather protection. Whether closed securely or opened fully into hidden pockets, MultiSlide doors provide large visibility at a low cost.

Running on a stainless-steel track, LiftSlide doors are single doors that, quite literally, lift along the track and slide into place once opened. Seen as a classic sliding door option, the LiftSlide is perfect for homes seeking simplicity.

Similar to MultiSlide, Bi-Parting doors allow for easy access and visibility whether opened or closed. However, Bi-Parting doors open in dual alignment with each other, meaning there are no hidden pockets, but rather a more stacked style when fully opened.

Whether you are in search of a modern option with Bifold doors, or a more classic feel with the LiftSlide line, Loewen and Western have you covered when it comes to patio doors. Along with spectacular style, all patio door products from Andersen, Loewen and Western are made from the best millwork available, giving you a door that is engineered to last. No matter your final choice, any of these patio doors are sure to open up your home to a whole new world of possibilities.

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