Storm doors are a great way to add curb appeal to your home, while also protecting your entry door. McCray Lumber and Millwork offers an extensive selection of stock and custom storm doors, including storm doors from EMCO and Larson.

  • Unseen Structural Upgrades – No unsightly brackets and/ or locks commonly seen on competitors coastal products
  • Traditional Styling – Douglas fir wood interior standard with extruded aluminum cladding
  • Optimal Thermal Performance – Heat-Smart (Low E) insulated glazing, laminated, and reflective glazing options which provide comfort, shading, and peace of mind
  • Maximum Coastal Protection – Purposely designed against mother natures harshest elements – Hurricanes, High Winds, Driving Rain, and Hail Damage

A storm door is a great addition to any exterior door on your home. Storm doors offer several benefits:

  • A storm door protects your entry door from the rain, snow, ice, and hail, as well as protecting against fading from the sun. Over time, a good storm door will keep your entry door looking great and prolong the life of the paint.
  • A storm door allows in additional light. Many storm doors can be easily converted to a screen door, allowing ventilation while keeping out insects.
  • A storm door, if properly installed, provides insulation by creating an air pocket between the storm door and the entry door. It also improves your home’s energy efficiency by creating an extra barrier against heat loss and wind penetration.
  • A storm door with a lock adds another layer of security to your home, providing an additional barrier for potential intruders.

McCray Lumber and Millwork offers all types and styles of storm doors, including full view storm doors, partial view storm doors, and decorative glass storm doors. Some storm doors have interchangeable glass panels and screens, while others feature screens that can be stored inside the door, making it simple to quickly convert it from a storm door to a screen door. These doors are perfect for the unpredictable Kansas City weather that can fluctuate frequently.

McCray Lumber and Millwork offers a variety of decorative styles of storm doors, including etched and stained glass, perfect for creating an elegant and upscale entry area for your home. Full view storm doors are not recommended for entryways which receive more than a couple of hours of direct sun each day unless it is ventilated. Prolonged periods of direct sun can heat to build up between the doors, causing damage to the entry door.

Let the experts at McCray Lumber and Millwork help you find a beautiful yet functional storm door that will complement and add aesthetic value to your home. In addition to storm doors, McCray Lumber and Millwork also has an amazing selection of stock and custom exterior doors.