If you’re looking for lumber, Kansas City lumber yard McCray Lumber and Millwork should be your first and only stop. We are a leading supplier of lumber and lumber products in the metro area.

Engineered Wood - Lumber
Trusses - Lumber


Whether you’re a home builder or contractor looking for enough lumber and supplies to build an entire home or a do-it-yourselfer looking for enough for a small weekend home improvement project, McCray Lumber and Millwork has what you need. For those big projects that require a lot of lumber or for bulkier items that you can’t transport yourself, McCray Lumber and Millwork offers delivery service.

McCray Lumber and Millwork offer a complete selection of lumber for all of your building supply needs, including:

  • Dimensional lumber: KDDF Studs in 6 lengths, 2×4 thru 2×12 up to 32 ft., S4S & Rough Cedar, Treated Lumber
  • Sheet goods: OSB, Plywood, Edge Gold Subfloor, Advantech Subfloor, Zip Wall Panels
  • Roof trusses, floor trusses
  • Engineered wood: Boise I-Joint & LVL, LP Stair Stringers


McCray Lumber and Millwork is committed to being responsible with our planet’s resources. All of our lumber comes from the Pacific Northwest. Approximately 90 percent of lumber produced in the western region comes from the timber basket of Oregon, Washington, northern California, Idaho, and western Montana, where state forest practices acts and best management practices are the most rigorous in the region.

These timberlands are strictly regulated to ensure their sustainability for generations to come. These regulations include:

  • Protection for threatened and endangered species
  • Protection of wildlife habitats and streams
  • Protection of watersheds, wetlands, and riparian areas
  • Logging practices, with a state forester overseeing every logging operation on both private and publicly owned timberlands
  • Time-specific, site-specific, multi-species reforestation
  • Limitations on the application of fertilizer and herbicides, and scenic corridors protection (in Oregon)