Masonite Front Doors

How to Choose a Front Door

From inviting friends inside, to swinging open when you have an armload of groceries to taking the brunt of a solicitor’s pesky knock, your front door goes through a lot. The first thing people notice about your space, your entry door is a staple to the style of your home. Give your home the front entry door it deserves by choosing Masonite.

With dozens of styles and features to choose from, picking the right entry door for your home can be overwhelming. However, by following these simple steps, you’ll be able to choose the best Masonite front door in no time.

Choose the Materials
The first thing to consider when shopping for a new front door is the material you want it to be made out of. With Masonite doors, you have the freedom to choose from a number of different styles, including fiberglass or steel. Steel doors are available pre-finished or can be painted to your desired color and are durable, efficient, and have a fire rating of 20 or 90 minutes for added safety. Fiberglass doors are available in both paintable and stainable styles, and are a lightweight alternative resistant to warps and dents. Masonite doors are made of only the best materials, so no matter which you pick, your door will stand strong for a lifetime.

Pick Your Special Features
Your front door is a reflection of the family living inside of it, so show off your unique taste with the features you choose for it. After picking the main material of your door, consider including a special feature such as glass panes, which can be customized to reflect your favorite design, or even smart locks that can secure your home with a digital key. Made with safety and style and mind, front door special features are a great way to add even more curb appeal to your home.

Decide on a Style
Once you’ve chosen your materials and special features, finalize the style plans for your front door. Do you want a wood grain showcased in the finish? What about any pattern moulded in? Prioritize your style wants, and choose which complement your home’s existing aesthetic to achieve optimal beauty. Not quite sure which style you want? Take the style quiz offered by Masonite to find the perfect front door for your home and family.

Choosing a front entry door is easy when you opt for Masonite. Pick your materials, special features, and style, and discover a front door that will add value and beauty to your home for years to come.

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