Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing home, selecting the right trim for your exterior can your home stand out from all the other houses on the block. Royal Moulding & Trim, a leading manufacturer of building materials, offers a complete line of exceptional cellular vinyl PVC trim and moulding products, including trim, fascia and soffits, window and door surrounds, deck and porch trim, sheet stock, decorative moulding, and more, all available from McCray Lumber and Millwork.

Moulding and Trim

Royal Moulding & Trim’s products are 100 percent cellular vinyl PVC. Royal Moulding & Trim’s cellular vinyl PVC products are extremely durable, providing the benefits of wood without the natural defects associated with wood products. There are none of the surface blemishes common with wood. Their products stand up well to extreme weather and exposure to sunlight. Their cellular vinyl PVC trim and moulding is moisture proof and termite proof. Royal Moulding & Trim’s cellular vinyl PVC trim and moulding won’t rot, swell, split, or warp. In fact, Royal Moulding & Trim offers a lifetime never rot warranty on their trim and moulding products. Only minimal maintenance is required to keep it looking great for years.

Royal Moulding & Trim’s trim and moulding products offer superior energy efficiency. Their cellular vinyl PVC trim and moulding products deliver 70 percent more energy efficiency than wood and 1600 percent more than aluminum trim and moulding products.

Royal Moulding & Trim’s offers trim and moulding products in a variety of designs to complement any architectural style. All of the products are ready for immediate use. Royal Moulding & Trim’s cellular vinyl PVC products are factory-finished in a semi-matte white color. They can be painted if you prefer a different color. A four-sided finish resists dirt buildup and “true square” edges make installation simple.

Royal Moulding & Trim has partnered with Marianne Cusato, considered to be one of the most influential people in the homebuilding industry, to design the Royal Envelop line of window and door surrounds. The Royal Envelop collection combines Royal Moulding & Trim’s most popular profiles to create unique, classic, and cost-effective architectural features to your home.

McCray Lumber and Millwork offers the entire line of Royal Moulding & Trim cellular vinyl PVC trim and moulding products and accessories. Let us help you select the perfect Royal Moulding & Trim products to put the finishing touch on your home.