If you’re looking to construct a deck that has natural beauty, is durable, and is environmentally friendly, look no further than western red cedar decking. Kansas City lumber yard McCray Lumber and Millwork has all the decking supplies you need to construct a custom cedar deck that will make a beautiful and inviting addition to your outdoor living space for years to come.

Western red cedar decking has been the decking material of choice for years for good reason. In addition to being affordable, cedar decking has many other benefits.

Natural Beauty:
Cedar decking has a natural beauty and charm that just can’t be matched by other decking materials. It has a warm, rich color that blends well with a home’s surroundings and compliments any architectural design. With its varying wood grain patterns, western red cedar looks good stained, painted, or even left unfinished, although it is recommended that a finish or protective coating be applied to extend its lifespan.

Natural Durability:
Cedar decking has twice the stability of other commonly available softwoods. Western red cedar contains natural preservatives in the heartwood that makes it toxic to decay-causing fungi and insects, making it very durable. It is also naturally moisture-resistant, making it much less likely than other woods to rot or develop mildew. With proper maintenance, including occasional cleanings and staining or sealing every few years, a cedar deck can last for decades.

Dimensional Stability:
Cedar decking has good natural dimensional stability. Cedar decking will not change size or dimension despite temperature and weather changes. It also has a low shrinkage factor, making it resistant to warping and twisting.

Environmentally Friendly: What could be more environmentally friendly that natural wood? It is a renewable resource and does not contain any petroleum products or preservatives. In a third-party life cycle assessment study commissioned by the Western Red Cedar Association, western red cedar substantially outperformed other types of decking materials in several categories and was shown to have the least environmental impact of all decking materials.

Comfort: While other decking materials can hold heat, western red cedar naturally absorbs and dissipates solar energy, meaning you can walk on it barefoot without burning your feet even after a long day in the hot summer sun – an important factor for an outdoor living space.