No matter the home type, a high-quality subfloor is the secret to a long-lasting, squeak-free space. With AdvanTech Subfloor Assembly from Huber Engineered Woods, you can install a floor that exceeds the highest of standards while delivering a nearly silent experience for residents.

Combining superior strength, technology, and a simple installation process, Huber Engineered Woods’ AdvanTech Subfloor is a proven choice for contractors across the country.

McCray Lumber and Millwork is a proud distributer of this leading subflooring. Contact us today to get AdvanTech for your Kansas City home remodel or build.

Superior Subfloor
Engineered with your construction in mind, AdvanTech Subfloor brings unparalleled strength to any project. Combining incredible moisture resistance along with unmatched nail-holding power, this subflooring results in stiff, quiet floors. Due to its high wood density, AdvanTech Subfloors are able to hold their strength better than standard competitors. The expert subflooring provides bending ability, swelling resistance, and more, leading to the squeak-free floors residents crave.

Modern Home Solution
In homes across the country, more pressure is put on flooring than ever before. From giant entertainment systems to family heirloom pianos to luxury furniture and more, your floor needs to be able to hold strong for a lifetime. With the help of AdvanTech, your home is protected and able to remain in top condition for longer.

Kansas City Subfloor Installation
The tongue and groove profile of AdvanTech Subfloors creates an easy, fast installation during builds and remodels. The simple-to-use adhesive and fastening systems also add to the ease of the process.

FLAT OUT BEST™ Subflooring
Trusted by builders for over 20 years, AdvanTech is perfect for your home remodel or build. Voted #1 in Quality by BUILDER magazine in the OSB category, AdvanTech is the perfect squeak-free flooring solution for your building project.

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