If you’re building a deck, you will likely be using pressure treated lumber in some capacity, either for the substructure or for the entire deck. Kansas City lumber yard McCray Lumber and Millwork has the pressure treated lumber and decking materials you’ll need to build durable, low-maintenance deck.

Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure treated lumber decking is one of the most popular and widely used decking materials due to its low cost and abundant availability. It is also preferred for its natural appearance and ease of use. No special tools are required as with some wood-alternative decking materials. Even if you select a different decking material for your deck platform and railing, you will almost certainly use pressure treated lumber for the framing and substructure of your deck. Recent surveys have found that more than 80% of decks in the U.S. use pressure treated lumber in some capacity.

Pressure treated decking is typically made from southern pine. A chemical preservative is pressurized deep into the wood fibers. Current preservatives, including micronized copper azole, are much safer than arsenic-based ones used in the past, which have since been banned in residential applications.

Pressure treated decking offers a long lifespan even in harsh weather conditions. If properly treated and installed, it can last for decades. To ensure its longevity, pressure treated lumber should be stained or sealed every 2 to 3 years. Pressure treated lumber can be easily stained with oil or latex stains, but it is recommended that you wait at least six months before staining to ensure proper adhesion of the stain.

Another benefit of pressure treated lumber decking is that it is environmentally friendly, available for ground contact, kiln dried after treatment, water repellent stain, treated Glulam’s / Parallam’s, and pressure treated decking is borate treated. Southern pine is a renewable resource that is grown on managed timberlands. It also takes less energy to produce than wood-alternative decking materials.

McCray Lumber and Millwork is proud to stock these great brands of pressure treated lumber decking:

  • ProWood from Universal Forest Products
  • YellaWood from Great Southern Wood Preserving