Zuri® Decking

Your home’s decking should “floor you” – at least that’s what Zuri Premium Decking by Royal® believes. Combining the exquisite look of exotic wood with sustainable, state-of-the-art technology, Zuri Decking gives you low-maintenance, high-reward outdoor living.

Going beyond traditional wood decking, Zuri Decking is made from premium multi-layer materials that help your deck stay in top-shape without the need for constant upkeep. Zuri believes that premium decking that looks as good as theirs should always stay that way. Because of this, the topcoat of each material provides exceptional resistance to UV light and color fade, while deeper layers capture the aesthetic of exotic wood without the need to for resealing, painting, or staining. Zuri Decking is also engineered to repel stains from food, household product, and debris, and resist scratches and wear with a 25-year warranty.

Available in Chestnut, Walnut, Pecan, Brazilia and Weathered Gray shades, Zuri Decking comes in a variety of sizes and styles.

Square Boards

Zuri Square Boards are a distinguished, unique design, and are built with the premium technology Zuri is known for. Complete with multi-layers and UV light-resisting technology that helps your deck stay looking better for longer, Zuri Square Boards are a creative way to add character to your deck.

Grooved Boards

Zuri Grooved Boards are a new way to assemble your premium decking to help get the most out of your outdoor living experience. With pre-threaded screws, Zuri Grooved Boards make for easy installation and tight seams that are refined and rich.


Zuri Fascia is the perfect finishing touch for your premium deck. With all the beauty and durability of the standard Zuri materials, Fascia is available in 12’ lengths and can be used either above or below the deck or stair riser.


See your deck before it is built with the Zuri Visualizer. Compare different decking colors, patterns, or even accessories in the virtual landscape, and choose your favorites to add to your design plans. From colors to sizes to railing sets and more, the Zuri Visualizer allows you to experience your deck and all it entails before even the first board is set.