Home Project

How to Select a Reliable Contractor or Remodeler

It’s that time again—time to start another home project!

While exciting, this time can also be stressful. Let us help relieve some of your worries with our advice for selecting a contractor or remodeler for your project that you can count on.

Why You Need a Reliable Contractor or Remodeler

Finding a reliable contractor or remodeler is important to the quality of your home project—not to mention the peace of mind you deserve. Face it, you can’t DIY everything. When you do need to hire help, you need to be able to trust them to understand your vision, budget, and timeline. Your contractor or remodeler should be reliable and stick to the agreed parameters, all while delivering an incredible end result.

Tips for Finding the Right Contractor or Remodeler to Hire

Now let’s get into some things you can do to help make sure the people you hire are the right ones:

Ask for Recommendations

If your friends and colleagues are good for one thing it’s giving you great recommendations! Reach out to the people you trust (preferably those who have had home renovations done that you love) and ask for their input on great contractors and remodelers.

Have a Screening Interview

Once you have a few recommendations, set up phone calls with the different contractors and remodelers to get to know them. Ask questions about their services, what the specialize in, how long projects typically take, and how far out they are booking.

Double Check Credibility

If they passed the screening interview and you liked their business (and personality!) double check their credentials on your own. You can never be too careful. Online reviews are a good starting point, but make sure you’re also researching their involvement with trusted organizations like NARI.

Bid it Out

After all of your fact checking is complete, collect bids from the contractors and remodelers in the running for the project. While you shouldn’t choose someone just because they are the cheapest, price can play a factor in your decision.

Make a Formal Plan

After deciding on a contractor or remodeler, meet with them to finalize your design, materials, timeline of completion, and payment schedule. Make this a contract in writing so that both parties can be held accountable.

When you choose a high-quality, reliable contractor or remodeler for your project, you’ll reap the rewards of a beautiful, finished home. We’re wishing you the best in your search—there are a lot of great businesses out there to choose from!