Camo® Drive™ and Fasteners

Installing a new deck? We’ve got you covered with the best deck building materials available on the market. Whether you are renovating an old deck or building a completely new structure, the Camo Drive and Camo fasteners are perfect for your Kansas City home remodel.

Camo Drive
Able to help you install decking up to five times faster, the Camo Drive is one of the best fastening systems available for contractors. Some of the highlights include:
- Quick Installation Time: Install an 8’ treated lumber deck board in as little as 20 seconds.
- Easy on Your Body: With the Camo Drive system, there is no need to painfully crawl around on your knees. Instead, the tool can be operated from a much more comfortable standing angle.
- Versatile: The Camo Drive comes with three different guides for whichever project type or fastener you are installing. Plus, the tool can be used on any decking material, including treated lumber.
- Affordable: Costing less than competing stand up fastening tools, the Camo Drive saves money in addition to time.

Camo Fasteners
No matter your deck, Camo has a fastener perfect for your project. Durable and beautiful, each fastener type allows you to build a deck worthy of your home that will stand the test of time. Camo Fastener options include:
- EdgeClips™: Designed to be used with 90 degree decking patterns, EdgeClips can be installed with just one hand. These state-of-the-art fasteners hug the joist, creating unmatched strength that you can count on.
- EdgeXClips™: Similar to EdgeClips, ExgeXClips hug the groove of the deck board while being designed for angled decking patterns.
- Starter Clips: Easy to install in just a few short steps, these new clips are perfect for creating fastener-free deck surfaces quickly.

To learn more about the Camo Drive or Camo fasteners, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.