Your door locks are your home’s first line of defense and security. Kwikset door locks and door hardware from McCray Lumber and Millwork are the perfect combination of superior security and style. For more than 60 years Kwikset has been one of the most trusted and recognized brands in the door hardware industry. Kwikset offers a completely line of door lock and door hardware products for residential and light commercial uses.

Kwikset’s exterior door lock collection includes handlesets, deadbolts, levers, and knobs. Kwikset offers exterior door hardware in a wide variety of styles to compliment any home décor and style. Kwikset exterior door locks are available in 11 finishes, including brass, nickel, bronze, pewter and iron.

Many of Kwikset’s exterior door locks are available with advanced features, including:

  • Electronic keyless entry, available in four finishes, eliminates the need for keys. Simply enter a code on the keypad. You also have the ability to assign temporary codes for guests.
  • SmartKey allows you to rekey your Kwikset door lock without changing out the entire lock. This is ideal if you’ve lost your key, want to install a new door lock but want to continue to use your existing key or want to use a single key for all of your exterior door locks. SmartKey enables you to rekey your Kwikset lock in just 30 seconds.

In addition to exterior door locks, Kwikset also offers interior door levers and knobs for every room in the house. Privacy door knobs and levers are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms or any other room that requires privacy. These door handles lock from the inside but can be opened from the outside with an emergency key if needed. Kwikset’s passage door knobs and levers are perfect for doors where no lock is required, like closets. The Kwikset interior door handles and knobs are available in the same 11 finishes as the exterior door locks in a wide selection of sophisticated styles.

You can find the complete line of Kwikset door locks, hardware and accessories at McCray Lumber and Millwork.