The World’s First Manufactured Treated LVL

How Treated LVL is Made
Get to know the only commercially available, fully treated LVL. Together with Kop-Coat, Pacific Woodtech has made an innovative new proprietary treatment system and process for creating treated LVL. This TRU-CORE® technology is the first of its kind, and moves treatment chemicals through wood, accelerating the migration process with added energy – like heat from an LVL press.

Uniform Layers & Protection
Thanks to its TRU-CORE® technology, treated LVL from Pacific Woodtech helps protect your structure on every layer. Unlike traditionally treated lumber, this treated LVL drives treatment evenly and uniformly throughout cross sections, while maintaining the full strength of the wood. Plus, this is all done without added VOCs or solvents. This additional treatment brings your structure’s health and beauty to new levels.

All of the Benefits of Engineered Wood
Pacific Woodtech treated LVL provides you with all of the benefits of standard engineered wood.

  • Longer Spans Open Site Lines

Get the views you crave for your home, with longer spans of wood. Treated LVL gives you more options for design and planning, leading to an even more valuable, beautiful home.

  • Straight Boards Eliminate Planing

Treated LVL from Pacific Woodtech is already of the highest-quality when you receive it. That means you won’t have to spend time and money planing the wood.

  • Protection from Rot, Decay, and Insects

Treated LVL is made to keep homes healthy for longer by being resistant to rot, decay, and insects. This product simply stops damage before it can start.

The Preferred Framing System
Treated LVL from Pacific Woodtech is trusted by the industry experts. With its superior quality, there is no question as to why. This treated LVL is also a sustainable choice for your project, comes ready for stain or paint, and has no need to re-treat any cut ends, notches or holes. Plus, Pacific Woodtech offers a 25 year warranty, standing behind their incredible product.