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Updating Your Stairs Can Make a Dramatic Difference to Your Home

The holidays are right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to get your house in perfect shape for holiday entertaining. Updating your stairs is a great place to start. While it may seem like a small or insignificant change, updating your staircase can make a dramatic difference. McCray Lumber and Millwork has everything you need to give your stairs new life.

Your stairs are a crucial design element of your home. They are an architectural feature that provide a focal element and set the tone for the rest of your home. Many people overlook the stairs when remodeling or decorating, but outdated stairs can make the rest of your home look out of date.

There are several things you can do to give your stairs a much needed facelift. Replacing the balusters is the most popular update for stairs. Many people are replacing wooden balusters with stylish iron ones. Iron balusters come in several finishes and an array of designs. Different styles of iron balusters can be pieced together to create a unique pattern. If you want to use wood balusters, you have the option of painting or staining them. White balusters combined with dark stained railings offers a nice contrast.

Updating your railing is another easy way to improve the look of your staircase. Over time wood railings can get scratched, dinged, or lose their luster. You can strip and re-stain your existing railing or completely replace it. If you choose to go with wood railing, there are several stain options, from dark, rich colors to light, natural tints. Iron railings are another option gaining popularity. They are available in a variety of styles, from simple to ornate, and add a touch of distinction to your stairs.

Consider adding a decorative newel post to your staircase. In addition to supporting the railing, the newel posts are a key design element in your staircase. The style of newel post you select will help set the tone for your entire staircase.

Stairs get heavy use and carpet can get dirty and worn out quickly. It can also be difficult to clean. If you currently have carpet on your stairs, consider removing the carpet and installing new hardwood treads and risers.  The treads and risers can be stained or painted to coordinate with the décor of your home. A popular trend is to stain the treads and paint the risers. If you really want a covering, consider using a runner over hardwood treads and risers.

Other changes you can make that will give your stairs a new look include replacing the trim and skirt boards, replacing the hardware, changing the lighting, and painting the adjacent walls a different color.