Tyvek HomeWrap

Protect Your Home From Kansas Weather with DuPont’s Tyvek HomeWrap

Knowing that insulation is key to keeping our homes comfortable, it’s important to have a reliable housewrap installed to combat our varying Midwest weather. It’s applied after the sheathing and insulation but before the siding, essentially acting as a protective blanket around your home. It keeps out the moisture and unwelcome air, benefiting homeowners and their pockets in many ways.

When it comes to homes, most are constructed with wood frames. If moisture is allowed to reach this wood and is trapped, it begins a decaying process that can weaken the entire structure. With Tyvek installed on your home, this is prevented. It keeps your structure dry from moisture and humidity to make sure the wood is never compromised.

With improper sealing and wrapping, it’s very easy for unwanted air to get into your home or building. When you know the material to use and the correct way to install it, it can make a difference in the amount of outside wind noise you hear and the amount you spend on heating and cooling. Other Tvvek products to use in conjunction with the HomeWrap, such as Tyvek FlexWrap and Tyvek StraightFlash are the ones designed to help with the common problem of drafty windows and doors. To have well insulated windows and doors means significantly lower utility bills. You will stop wasting money on heating or air that simply slips right out a crack.