Leftover Building Materials

Make Outdoor Games with Leftover Building Materials

If you’ve recently had your deck redone, added on to your house, or completed a number of other home construction projects, there’s a good chance you have some leftover materials hanging around your yard. Instead of hauling it away to get rid of, consider getting creative and using those materials to build your favorite outdoor game.

A new trend for homeowners across the Kansas City area, these outdoor games add unique flair to any backyard, BBQ gathering, or tailgate. So go ahead, stop putting off taking care of the leftover materials and instead use them to build:

Cornhole Boards
Who doesn’t love a good game of cornhole? Easy to construct and even more fun to personalize with your favorite team’s colors, cornhole boards are a quick weekend project that can be made with just a few pieces of unused lumber from your new deck. Plus, these boards are easily portable so you can be ready for a tournament anywhere, anytime.

Giant Jenga
Take this thrill-seeking game up a notch by using two-foot lengths of lumber to construct your very own set of giant Jenga pieces. Made with just a few simple cuts of leftover standard 2×4’s, this project can be done in one afternoon, and will lead to a lifetime of memories. Just be careful when the pieces fall!

Large Dice
Able to be paired with just about any game, large dice are another easy, quick project that will use up some of the leftover lumber from your deck or expansion build. Make the dice as large or small as your materials allow, then simply paint the appropriate number sides for a versatile, long-lasting game piece.

Ladder Toss
A staple at any gathering, ladder toss is the perfect way to use up some of that extra lumber laying around your yard. Simply use boards to create the frame, then add in a couple rungs of extra railing spindles from your deck to create the ladder steps you will throw the tethered balls around. Make the game even more interesting by adding as many rungs as your competitive heart desires.

Help your leftover lumber and other building materials live up to their full potential this summer by constructing fun outdoor games you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. Choose your favorite game, or even make up your own, and discover just how far a few leftovers and a little imagination can go.

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