Avoid Window Replacement

Once you’ve made the investment in new and beautiful windows, you want to extend their life and make them last as long as possible. Luckily, window replacement in Kansas City can be put off with just some simple maintenance, and a little paint.


Paint can act as a sealant and protector of the wood underneath, and this is especially important for windows. Windows are exposed to many of the harsh outdoor elements including humidity, snow, hail, to name just a few. Not having a barrier between the wood of the window and those elements would cause it to decay and rot quite quickly, and is simply impractical. Paint can act as that barrier and help protect the materials of the window.


There are certain measures you want to take when painting windows, such as making sure you don’t paint them shut. However, also take note of how often you need to paint the windows. If windows require repainting too often, it could be a sign that paint alone no longer protects the window, and new ones are needed.


If painting won’t help your windows, and it’s time to invest in new ones to turn your maintenance efforts towards, contact us at McCray Lumber & Millwork. We carry Andersen Windows, Loewen Windows, and many other quality products, in virtually every shape and size!