Zip Systems Liquid Flash

Zip System™ Liquid Flash, Flashing Tape, and Stretch Tape

Flashing jobs just got a lot easier, thanks to the Zip System line of Liquid Flash, Flashing Tape, and Stretch Tape. Made from only the most innovative of materials with your building project in mind, these tools help you quickly and effectively complete even the most difficult of flashing jobs, leaving you with a finished result you can be proud of.

Liquid Flash
Versatile and durable, Zip System’s Liquid Flash allows you to seal any rough opening on your build. The fluidity of the STPE (silyl-terminated-polyether) technology adapts to the space you are filling, and cures quickly even in irregular spaces and areas that are otherwise difficult to flash. McCray Lumber and Millwork now has 29 oz. tubes of Liquid Flash available for your project.

Flashing Tape
Pressure-activated, Zip System’s Flashing Tape installs quickly and gets stronger over time. Specifically created to work in a wide range of temperatures, this tape is made from advanced acrylic that forms a tight, trusted seal. Plus, Flashing Tape is repositionable, allowing you to perfect your installation without losing the integrity of the bond.

Stretch Tape
Cutting and piecing together multiple pieces of tape is no longer necessary thanks to Zip System’s Stretch Tape. This tape allows you to quickly flash even the trickiest of areas because of its superior flexibility. Able to move in all directions, Stretch Tape by Zip System is made of a high-performance composite acrylic that adjusts to fit difficult spaces.

Zip System’s Liquid Flash, Flashing Tape, and Stretch Tape are all incredibly easy-to-install and versatile enough to work on any build, saving you time, money, and effort. Plus, once installed, these flashing solutions withstand the test of time, keeping your project in top shape for the years ahead.

To learn more or to find the right Zip System Liquid Flash, Flashing Tape, or Stretch Tape for your project, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.