With Ornamental Wood Ties, You Can Flaunt Your Connectors Rather than Hide Them

A lot of factors go into designing the perfect deck, pergola, or other wood structure. You have to select the right wood, choose the perfect finish, and design your structure to conceal the connectors. But what if you didn’t have to hide the connectors? What if the connectors looked so great they could be incorporated into the design? Ornamental Wood Ties from OZCO offer a beautiful, timeless look that enhance your design rather than distract from it.

These exceptional connectors and hardware offer superior strength in addition to their aesthetic beauty. They are made from hot dipped galvanized steel and finished with an exterior-grade powder coating that makes them corrosion resistant and able to withstand harsh environments. In addition, they are engineered for fast construction. There is no pre-drilling required. Ornamental Wood Ties are perfect for use with all types of lumber, from pressure treated lumber to cedar. Ornamental Wood Ties are the perfect finishing touch for any type of project, including decks, arbors, pergolas, pavilions, fences, gates, and more.

McCray Lumber and Millwork keeps most Ornamental Wood Ties decorative wood connectors and components in stock at our Edwardsville location, including:

  • Post bases
  • Ornamental anchors
  • Rafter clips
  • Truss accents and ties
  • Rail saddles
  • Truss base fans
  • Timber bolts and screws
  • Ornamental hardware and accessories

If we don’t have the component you need in stock, we will be happy to order it for you and have it available quickly.