Winter Decking Tips from McCray Lumber

Winter Deck Care Tips

The first snow storms may have already made their way through Kansas City for the year, but it is never too late to prepare your deck for the winter weather ahead. Thanks to falling temperatures, ice, snow, and sleet, your deck can face a lot of challenges during the cold months. However, planning ahead now to take care of your  engineered composite or wood deck can help your structure to stay in top shape not only until spring, but for a lifetime.

No matter the type of materials it is built out of, your deck will benefit greatly this winter when you follow these three tips:

Smartly Store Furniture
Like most homeowners, there is a good chance you will not be spending too much time lounging around on your deck during the winter months. Because of this, clear the area by removing any furniture on it, and storing those pieces away in either your garage or other covered storage area. Not only will this help make shoveling snow easier, but it will also help extend the lifetime of your outdoor furniture.

Clean the Surface Thoroughly
Between those last straying falling leaves, dirt from flower pots, and just general messes caused by the elements, your deck is typically covered in some sort of debris. Remove that buildup before any more snow falls by either sweeping or gently power washing the surface. This cleaning will keep your deck looking great, while also avoiding any potential damage that can occur if the area is left untreated.

Stock Up on The Right Supplies
Sure, it can be tempting to just let the sun melt any snow or ice overtime, but it is always a good idea to have the right removal tools at your disposal. Invest in a plastic shovel and light broom. Perfect for creating safety in your winter wonderland, these tools will help you easily, and quickly, clear your deck.

Getting your deck ready for winter is an easy task that leaves you with a safe, stunning space for years to come. By simply clearing and cleaning the surface now, and then properly caring for the area once freezing weather hits, you will help maintain the beauty and value of your deck in immeasurable ways.

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