Contractor Blog

Why Contractors Should Blog

As a contractor, you probably haven’t considered starting a blog for your business. Blogs get a bad reputation for being a waste of internet space, however, blogging has many more benefits for your construction business than you may realize.

Even as a contractor, a company blog can help you:

Display Your Products
A blog is the perfect place for contractors to talk about what type of products and services they offer. While a simple webpage may give the details on the products you use, a blog will give you the chance to be more detailed in your explanation of why you use certain brands, and how your services can help change the homes and lives of your customers. You can even have spotlight features on your blog about how certain products work to highlight consumer friendliness and other top selling points.

Show Off Your Past Projects
Did your company help build a children’s hospital, or even a home for a veteran? Your blog would be the perfect place to talk about those projects, and show the world that your business is dedicated to doing good work for the good of the community. Your blog will give you a platform to showcase your past projects, while serving as a portfolio of the type of work you can do for potential customers.

Build Customer Relationships
A recent study found that companies who blog have a 2/3rds higher return on investment than those who don’t. When you blog, you are showing a personal side of your construction company, and connecting with your audience in a tangible way. Today’s buyers want to feel connected to the companies they choose to do business with, and by creating relationships with customers through your blog, those same customers will be more likely to use your services.

Blogging is an affordable and manageable way to build up your business’ online presence. Whether you choose to keep it simple with short written posts, or make it a little more visual with pictures and videos, your blog with help your construction company reach more consumers and their projects than ever before.