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What to Consider when Installing a Covered Deck or Patio

With temperatures continuing to fall in the Kansas City area, there is a good chance you are spending less and less time outside on your home’s deck or patio. However, when you renovate your house and add on a covered deck or patio, you can open up your space to new possibilities. Not only do covered decks and patios add tremendous value to your property, but they also protect you and your family from the harsher elements of a Midwest fall and winter – like chilly winds, precipitation, and temperatures.

It is no secret that adding a covered deck or patio to your home is beneficial, but how do you make sure you are installing the right one for your space? Three things to consider when planning your project are:

Before you even start interviewing contractors, plan out exactly what style of covered deck or patio you want. From colors mimicking natural wood to more bold shades, to decks and patios that span just a few feet to your entire backyard, the possibilities are endless. Do research and find what complements your home.

After you have chosen the desired style, take time to consider what functions you want your covered deck to include. Is your family content with a permanently closed-off structure, or do you want more versatility for open airways? Whether three season, four season, screened, etc. determine how the space will be used, and how often.

Once you have landed on what you want your deck to look like and do, pick the materials it will be made out of. From engineered composite wood to natural wood to trim to SCREENEZE® enclosures and more, get to know the different materials available and choose your favorite.

Add new value, beauty, and usability to your home today by installing a covered deck or patio. When you take the time to consider the style, functionality, and materials of your new structure, you will create a space that will not only be enjoyed this fall and winter, but also for decades to come.

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