What to Consider Before You Start Your Next Project

Are you thinking about starting a home remodeling or renovation project? Follow our checklist of things to think about before the work begins:

  • List Your Priorities: We all have areas of our homes that we want to upgrade. Walk through yours and make a list of the projects you want to tackle, and then choose the one that makes the most sense for right now.
  • Define Your Budget: Before you really get started, you need to set a realistic budget for the project. Knowing this number will help you to make choices that will directly affect everything from the size and scope of the project, to who you hire for help, to materials, etc.
  • Research Style Trends: Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, and even HGTV are great places to look for inspiration for your home project. Make a list of your favorite examples and use them to determine the right style for your own house.
  • Draft Your Plan: Using the elements you researched and loved, put together an initial plan for what you want your project to look like. Keep your budget in mind!
  • Decide on DIY or Professional: This is a crucial step in any project. Some smaller, lower-budget projects can be done on your own, like building a new pergola in the backyard or installing a new vanity in the bathroom. However, partnering with a professional on bigger projects like deck builds and kitchen remodels can help you add extra value to your home—and eliminate unnecessary stress.
  • Hire the Right Professional: If you opt to partner with a professional, you’ll need to find someone who you can trust, fits in your budget, and does great work. You can ask family, friends, and neighbors for suggestions, but we advise using one of the members of Kansas City NARI.
  • Finalize Your Design: This includes finding the right materials for your build. You can do this by working with the contractor you choose, or by doing research online.
  • Determine How You Will Track Progress: You can help keep your project on schedule by setting daily and weekly goals that allow you to track your progress. Share this calendar with everyone who will be working on the project so that you can be on the same page.

Once your project is complete, the most important task at hand will be to celebrate! By being prepared before the project begins, you will be able to enjoy your finished space even more along with the added value and happiness it will bring to you and your family.