Shiplap Accent Wall

What Is Shiplap?

Thanks to famous television remodeling shows, you’ve probably heard of shiplap. This hot trend in the building industry is quickly gaining momentum, and is becoming a staple of interior design plans.

This horizontal pattern of interlocking boards was originally used to build sheds and barns, but is now the biggest trend in home design. Made from traditional wood, this style was first utilized as a cheap way to weatherproof outdoor structures, however, thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”, it can now be seen inside of homes all across America.

Although it can often be found in older homes built decades ago, many new homes and remodels are focusing their vision around shiplap. Shiplap offers a classic rustic feel to any room, and instantly adds trendy value to your home. The shabby-chic charm made by shiplap can even be mixed with modern contemporary designs through subtle accent walls.

Shiplap has many benefits besides just being the current popular style trend. In fact, shiplap is an affordable way to add tangible dimension to your home. Constructed with a rabbet or groove in the bottom of each board to help it interlock with the next, shiplap adds visible layers to your walls. This texture is made by the natural sealing system of shiplap, and can transform your home into a completely new space.

McCray Lumber and Millwork works with a number of suppliers for ship lap products.  Forest Products Supply Co.’s UFP Edge Rustic Collection is one of those suppliers, so your shiplap possibilities are limitless thanks to the classic dark brown and gray boards available in a variety of sizes made to fit your home. We can even special order you the shiplap color of your dreams in charcoal, red, white, or light brown. The shiplap trend is just getting started, so start planning your project today with McCray Lumber and Millwork. With our help, your home can become a rustic work of art that even Chip and Joanna are jealous of.

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