home wheelchair ramp

What Do Aging Homeowners Want in a Remodel?

No two home remodels are exactly alike, because no two homeowners are exactly alike either. All homeowners have different needs and wants for their renovation that need to be valued and understood by the contractor. For example, aging homeowners often are looking to incorporate vastly different elements than their younger counterparts.

As gray hair begins to fill in and knees don’t work quite as well as they used to, older homeowners are wanting their home remodels to help benefit them as time goes on. Some of the things they are looking to include in their renovations are:

Wider Doorways
Often one of the first things aging homeowners want to remodel is their doorway size. By widening from the standard size, homeowners will be able to better maneuver walkers or wheelchairs later in life with more ease and a lot less frustration.

Increased Lighting
Whether in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or even living room, older homeowners benefit from increased lighting. Not only does this help them to be able to better see and move around the area, it also brings new life to the space.

More Stair Railing
Safety is a top concern of any homeowner – especially those who are aging. That is why adding more stair railing that is thicker, sturdier, and more closely spaced together is so important. Even though they may not need it now, this will help make going up and down the stairs later in life much easier.

Outdoor Ramp
Similar to stair railing, adding an outdoor ramp is a precautionary choice for older homeowners. Even if it is not needed right away, having a ramp that leads up to a front door will make the overall quality of life increase exponentially when walking up or down stairs becomes more difficult. Plus, a beautifully crafted ramp adds value to a home, should the homeowner later choose to sell.

By incorporating these elements, homeowners will be able to take advantage of aging-in-place design, which allows them to stay functional and happy in their home for longer. To learn more or to start an aging-in-place plan for your home, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.