Want a Safe Deck? Build One!

The month of May is home to more than just fun in the sun. In fact, May is Deck Safety Month, an important time to take into consideration the durability and stability of those outdoor additions we love so much. May also signifies the time of year when many people start to remodel and improve their decks. As you start work on yours this month, keep in mind that the best way to know that you have a safe deck, is to build a safe deck.

In order to ensure that your new and improved deck has a safe, long, and healthy life, take advantage of great products like Composite Decking or Pressure Treated Lumber. The wood that you use to build your deck may seem like a simple choice, but these basics make all of the difference when it comes to safety. When you build with this state of the art technology, you avoid splinters, rust, and rot that can lead to the quick and painful breakdown of your deck. The material that you use is the backbone of your structure, so start the safety of your deck off right with smart lumber choices.

When building your deck, also be sure to be aware of creating a continuous load path. A continuous load path is a way of utilizing fasteners and connectors to create sturdy connections within the deck’s frame. These factors help distribute the heavy load evenly between different support agents and your home itself. Creating a continuous load path is a vital part of protecting your home from brutal forces of nature that can weaken your deck overtime, creating safety issues.

Having a safe deck for you and your family to enjoy is as easy as building one the right way. Take the first steps today by choosing a durable and sturdy wood to use as the base of your deck, and ensuring the correct placement of connections and fasteners to create a continuous load path. Get started improving your deck’s safety this May, and celebrate with a sturdy structure for years to come!

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