Update Your Home’s Look with New Spindles

Every home with stairs has them, but almost all overlook the simple structures of spindles on a daily basis. Both a safety and style feature, your interior railing spindles are vital in connecting your home’s overall aesthetic. However, many homeowners have outdated spindles in their space, and could benefit greatly from a new set.

An inexpensive project, updating your home’s interior spindles are the perfect way to add new life to your space. Spindle options to consider when renovating include:

The most popular spindle type, wood spindles give a classic, clean feel to any home. Whether stained or painted, these structures are simple, yet do require extra care when it comes to maintaining them for a longer lifespan. Wood spindles are known for being the standard, which opens homeowners up to a wide range of available options when choosing a new set, like the Red Oak or Primed options from Southwest Moulding Co.

Mostly found in new or contemporary homes, iron spindles are a great investment when it comes to making a statement with your home. Bold and powerful, like the Satin Black or Antique Bronze styles made by Southwest Moulding Co, iron spindles are becoming featured more frequently in homes across Kansas City, and last for a lifetime.

While a simple coat of paint could help liven up your spindles, a new set, especially from Southwest Moulding Co, will help give your staircase better safety and stability. Whether you opt for wood or iron, there are an endless number of decorative styles to choose from that can either give a simple lift to your home’s personality, or completely transform it into a new space.

To learn more about your spindle options and to order your new set today from Southwest Moulding Co, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork.