Trex Composite Decking Offers Superior Durability, Beauty, and Longevity


Decks are a great place to kick back and relax. If you want to enjoy your deck rather than spend your time maintaining it, give serious consideration to Trex decking. Trex offers a low-maintenance, high-performance decking option that is extremely durable with a long lifespan.

Trex pioneered composite decking made from recyclable materials and continues to lead the industry. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking and railing.

Trex decking is comprised of 95 percent recycled wood, sawdust and plastics. This combination provides the benefits of both wood and plastic without the negative aspects. It gives the natural beauty and UV resistance of wood with the protection from insects and moisture that plastic provides.

Trex decking offers a number of benefits over traditional wood decking. It is both fade and stain resistant. It will not warp, rot, or split and will not splinter. Trex decking is also resistant to mold and mildew, as well as termites and other wood-boring insects. It does not require sanding, staining, painting, or sealing. It stands up exceptionally well to extreme weather, including hail, snow, ice, and rain. Trex decking can be easily cleaned with just soap and water.

In addition to superior durability, Trex decking also provides exceptional beauty and aesthetics. Trex decking and railing are available in a variety of striking colors that can used in countless combinations to create one-of-a-kind deck designs.

Trex offers three different lines of decking and railing options to meet different levels of style, performance and affordability. Trex Select and Trex Transcend are all backed with a 25-year limited residential warranty.

Perhaps one of the best benefits of choosing Trex decking is that you can feel good about using it. Because it is made from 95 percent recycled materials, it is one of the greenest decking options available. Trex saves about 400 million pounds of plastic and wood scrap from landfills each year. Even more impressive is the fact that not a single tree has been felled to create Trex composite decking.