Top Four Home Design Trends of 2016

As the years fly by, home fashions come and go. The trends that were once all the rage are now seen as embarrassments, and elements that you never even thought about are starting to show up in almost every modern household. Ditch those dark stained wooden kitchen cabinets that were all the rage in 1993, and invest in some of the top home design trends of 2016.

Stainless Steel
As homes start to become more minimalistic, designers are creating focal points in rooms that consist of just a couple of big ticket items. In the kitchen, stainless steel appliances are the newest trend. This style not only creates sleek and polished lines, but it also allows for an atmosphere of luxury that other appliances lack.

Outdoor Life
Another big trend of 2016 is expanding everyday life outside. People are making the most of their backyards by investing in new projects that turn their lawn into a social space. Be a part of the trend by investing in a new deck built with Cedar Decking, or even high quality lighting like TimberTech. Whether the change be big or small, shifting your home’s social life outside opens up a world of possibilities.

Muted Tones
Gone are the days of forest green and burgundy. Top home designers are now advising owners to choose muted tones like off-white and gray as the foundation of household rooms. Not only do these colors help open up the space, but they also allow for other elements, like a fashionable bright orange sofa or mint green desk, to pop as the room’s accent piece.

Rooms with Views
In an effort to make your home seem larger, designers are choosing to install oversized windows in houses. Many living rooms are now seeing floor to ceiling windows, and bedrooms are being treated to bay windows that help to open up an otherwise cramped corner. Eagle by Anderson is one company that is in on this trend by providing superior windows that fit any home and budget.

Even if giving into trends frightens you, remember that investing in our home is always a great idea. A new set of windows or even a new deck will add value to your home, and comfort to your family.

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