Fall Home

Top Fall Projects

The weather has cooled, the kids are back in school, and pumpkins are starting to make their way onto your neighbor’s doorstep. That’s right, fall is in full swing. Fall is the perfect time of year for fresh starts and tackling to-do lists, so take advantage of this productive season by completing one or more of these top fall projects.

Repair Your Roof

As past seasons wore on, chances are, your roof caught some sort of damage, whether it be from high winds, thunderstorms, heat, or just the natural progression of old age. When your roof is damaged, your entire house is put at risk. Stop issues before they start by patching problem areas before the weather turns bitter, or hiring a professional to get the job done.

Evaluate Your Heating System

There’s no way you want to go through winter without a warm home, so test out your heating system now before nights start to turn too cold. Try out your system on days when the temperatures begin to drop, and make sure that every room of your house is heated to the right degree. If you sense any trouble, make a call to have your system fixed now, rather than after the first frost.

Clean Your Gutters

Making sure that all elements of your home’s draining system (gutters, downspouts, etc) are cleaned is important to the health of your house as winter approaches. During the fall especially, leaves and other debris can easily get caught in the system, leaving you with clogged passageways and potential water damage.

Upgrade Doors and Windows

To help better insulate your home, consider upgrading any singled paned windows in your home to double paned, and weatherproofing your doors with weather stripping. These small adjustments will mean big improvements for your home’s efficiency.

Prepare Your Sprinklers

If you live in an area with harsh winters, you will want to prepare your sprinkler system for winter by calling a professional to help you get all of the remaining water out of the pipes to keep them from bursting during cold temperatures. This one small appointment now can save you from having to buy an entire new system come spring.

Get started on your fall projects today, and your home will thank you for seasons to come!

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