Planning a Spring Project Home Remodel

Tips for Planning Your Spring Projects Now

Sure, the Christmas lights have barely been packed away, temperatures are well below freezing, and kids are still wishing for snow days, but there is no time like now to start planning your spring home improvement projects. To some, planning these projects months in advance may seem like an extreme way of approaching the work, but when you start your research and scheduling in the winter months, you will make the whole process much easier, quicker, and even cheaper come spring.

Some tips for getting started with your spring home improvement projects now include:

Research Contractors
Finding the right person to do the work in your home can take some time, which is why it is best to start your research as early as possible. Sift through internet searches, contacts from friends, and even colleagues to find an established contractor that you trust, and who fits your home’s style. A helpful tip is to choose someone who is associated with the Kansas City chapter of NARI – they are proven to be top notch.

Decide on Your Home’s Needs
It’s no secret that you have probably been putting off some home improvement projects for years, so when choosing your project, prioritize and conquer what your home needs done. Winter can wreak havoc on your house, so there’s a good chance your home will need new siding or windows – both of which are perfect tasks to complete this upcoming spring.

Treat Yourself
Once you choose projects that need to get done, throw in a little something extra for your family by planning an additional project, like an outdoor living area, for all to enjoy. The beauty of planning your spring projects so early is that you can account for the time and budget for these fun additions – which also happen to add value to your home.

Get on the Schedule
The best contractors in the Kansas City area have incredibly busy spring seasons, so planning ahead and getting on their calendar now allows for you to have the best chance at a timeframe that works for your household. Plus, getting on the schedule allows for a longer time for you and the contractor to get to know one another and establish a game plan.

Spring may seem a long way away, but the sooner you start preparing for the home improvement projects you want to complete this year, the more you’ll get out of your upcoming remodel. Start making a plan, doing your research, and getting to know contractors today, and you’ll have the best spring season yet.

To learn more and to start planning your spring projects, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.