Three Top Outdoor Living Trends

As the weather warms and the days grow long, you and your family are anxiously waiting to head outside and make the most of these summer months. As the kids count down until school vacation, you can’t help but agonize over your outdated property. No need to worry, because here are three top outdoor living trends to help you make the most of the days ahead.

Expand the Indoors Out

Gain a new appreciation for the outdoors by bringing the comfort of your living room to nature. To fully bring this trend to life, invest in a closed in deck or porch by using ScreenEze, a high quality screening product that brings the convenience of the indoors outside. Thanks to an increase in the durability and water resistant nature of many building products, it is now easier than ever to expand your favorite indoor factors into your backyard.

Functionality for the Future

Do you have a backyard patio that you almost never step foot on? Redesign the space for functionality by installing a bench or hammock. Take the trend of creating useful outdoor living space a step further by building the sitting area yourself out of quality cedar wood. When done correctly, this sort of project will allow for both a beautiful and functional addition to your outdoor space that the entire family will enjoy.

Install a Tech Deck

People have better things to do than worry about staining and maintaining their deck. Be a part of the trend of tech decks by remodeling your current space to feature TimberTech Composite Decking. This decking is a wood alternative that is more durable than ever and lessens the need for maintenance. Watch your favorite team win the playoffs, while not having to worry about whether the product below you will splinter or rot.

Invest today in expanding your indoor comforts outside, creating functional space on your property, and installing a technologically advanced deck. Outdoor living trends are sure to change as the years go by, but the happiness that these current projects will bring your family is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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