Building a Pergola with McCray Lumber and Millwork Fiberon Decking Materials

The Ultimate Addition to Your Summer: A Pergola

Summer is almost here – is your backyard ready?

Sure, you could drag out the hose and sprinkler again like you have every year for the last decade, but this summer, why not take your backyard up a level by building a pergola that can be enjoyed all season – and year – long?

As versatile as the number of homeowners in Kansas City, pergolas make for the perfect addition to any lawn, and come with a number of benefits, including:

Customizable Designs
Able to fit any home or budget, pergolas are customizable to your tastes and needs. From extravagant styles to more traditional designs, you get to decide where and how your new pergola comes to life alongside your home. You can even show off your own personality through your pergola design with finishing details like OZCO connectors that really help your structure to stand out.

Shade Relief
Nothing feels as good on a hot summer day in Kansas City as stepping into the shade. When you install a pergola in your backyard, you will benefit from instant shade during even the most sweltering of days, giving you a place to relax after mowing the lawn or between rounds of badminton with your kids.

Versatile Usage
Whether you’re throwing a neighborhood potluck or finger painting pictures of bluebirds outside with your family, a pergola will give you space to enjoy for any type of function or activity.

Increased Home Value
Not only do pergolas define your outdoor space with style, but they also add value to your property. Acting as a new addition to your home, pergolas are one of the top features many homebuyers look for when purchasing, giving your home an instant edge-up on the competition should you ever choose to sell.

Whether you have been thinking about installing one for years or are simply looking for the best way to bring new character to your home this summer, a pergola is the perfect home addition. Start planning yours today, and you’ll not only have a summer you’ll never forget – but also a worthwhile investment to enjoy for a lifetime.

To learn more or to start designing your own pergola, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork.