The Right Time to Replace Your Siding

Like most homeowners, you probably don’t give much thought to your house’s siding on a daily basis. Sure, you see it every time you get home from work, and sometimes a little extra on hot summer weekends spent outside with the kids, but you rarely ponder if your siding is in need of replacement.

While major factors like damage from the elements or accidents can call for immediate assistance and repair, most homes need their siding replaced at regular intervals, depending on the type and quality of material currently residing on your home.

If you have classic wood siding like Cedar, it is likely that you will need to keep a closer eye on your siding than you thought previously. Since this siding is made out of actual wood, it has the ability to capture moisture once treatment begins to wear away, leaving your home to absorb and bend with the elements of nature. This can lead to cracks and further costly damage, if not caught and mended early. Typically, classic wood siding will last for several years, but will need replacement in order to provide your home with optimum performance.

Siding made out of other materials like LP SmartSide’s engineered wood or James Hardie’s fiber cement often have a longer lifespan. Since these materials are more durable and weather friendly, they have the potential to last upwards of a decade or more with little to no damage. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on your home’s exterior, as small problems can quickly grow and cause irreplaceable damage.

The best way to know that your siding needs replaced is to regularly inspect it yourself. Look for areas that are warped or seams that don’t match up. Luckily, if you have Cedar or LP SmartSide siding, oftentimes a small patch can fix the problem. However, if the problem has gotten too deep and too widespread, sometimes it is simply best to undergo a complete remodel.

Your home’s siding protects you and your family consistently, so give it the regular attention that it deserves. Like an ache or pain in the human body, a small fix to your siding now can heal major trouble down the road.

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