The Different Types of Siding Options

As the summer begins, you can’t help but notice that your home’s siding is looking worn out and weathered. As the largest cosmetic feature of your house, your siding is vital to the health of the overall structure of your home. Once damaged, even in just the smallest way, your siding will begin to break down, leaving you exposed to brutal elements of nature, not to mention huge eyesores.

It is no secret that the outside of your home is important. Not only does that exterior protect you and your family, but it also provides your house with unique style and charisma. That is why when you determine that it is time to have your siding replaced, it is important to keep in mind all of your options, as well as what your structure and budget need.

Siding is typically made from three different kinds of material:

Classic Wood
This siding is easy to install, but often requires more maintenance and offers less durability than other options with newer technology. With a timeless aesthetic, classic wood siding like Cedar is often the first thing people think of when they imagine the outside of their home.

Engineered Wood
Made from a combination of synthetic materials and wood, this siding has the same look as classic wood, but is more friendly to both the environment, and your wallet. With great brands like LP SmartSide, buyers also have the option of countless colors and styles to choose from.

Fiber Cement
A recent addition to the siding market, this cement mixture gives a wooden illusion that is durable and stylish with its ability to hold paint longer than any other material. Install siding from the James Hardie collection today, and chances are it will be just as beautiful three decades from now.

When choosing siding for your home, it is vital that you take into consideration your wants and needs for the property. Do you live in a hail-heavy environment? Consider James Hardie options for complete durability. Is your wife longing for a classic style for your country home? Cedar may be the best option for you.

While some siding materials are more durable or stylish than others, all new siding will leave you with the comfort of knowing your home is protected and beautiful. Get started choosing your materials today, and reap the rewards for years to come.

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