Spruce Up Your Space with Screeneze

When was the last time you considered revamping your outdoor living space? Like most people, you probably tend to focus on common interior areas like kitchens, living rooms, and even bathrooms, and neglect the potential of your home’s outdoor living area. While the outdoors can be a hassle, make the most of both inside and out with your next home remodel by installing Screeneze to your deck or patio.

Screeneze is an advanced screening system that lets you enjoy the beauty of your home’s outdoor atmosphere from the comfort of the indoors. Allowing for complete coverage of areas up to 150 square feet, Screeneze creates a new indoor/outdoor room for your home that can be enjoyed all year long.

Whether you are installing Screeneze to an existing section of your house to bring it new life, or are completely remodeling with this feature in mind, this screening system will fit any style and budget. Crafted with an aluminum base and sealed with a high fashion vinyl cap, this system comes in a variety of natural colors that will complement your home and help it blend flawlessly into the great outdoors with great comfort.

Screeneze is not only versatile in style, but is also versatile in functionality. This easy to install system acts as a shield against any elements or pests that you and your loved ones would rather be without, while giving you complete access to your exterior living space. The true beauty of Screeneze will be discovered on that first night you and your family spend admiring the stars, without getting eaten up by mosquitos.

The Screeneze system can be installed quick and easy on the inside, outside, or center of your porch system, which allows for easy repairs when they come up every once in a blue moon. This ease of installation will also come in handy the next time you remodel your home, and want to restore this great system back in its proper place once finished.

Stop focusing on just what your next interior remodel will hold, and instead, shift your priorities outside. When you install Screeneze to your patio or decking system, you are opening your home to a whole new world of possibilities.

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