Construction Industry

The Skilled Trades Gap in the Construction Industry

With today’s economy and workforce outlook, it is no secret that there is a skilled trades gap within the construction industry. Instead of opting for a career in construction, many young people are instead choosing to pile on student debt, in exchange for an insecure future. Meanwhile, the construction industry is in desperate need of skilled workers who have mastered the trade.

The construction industry is often seen as less glamourous than other career paths, but in reality, has the power to pay off in great ways throughout a worker’s lifetime. Not only does a career in the construction industry give workers a job to take ownership of, but it also gives individuals a sense of pride when they can drive down a road with their families and point out all of the homes that they helped make possible.

McCray Lumber and Millwork is actively helping to decrease the skilled trades gap, and place talented individuals into long-lasting, satisfying careers within the construction industry. By helping locally by participating in both the Kansas City Home Builders Association (KCHBA) and Kansas City NARI (KCNARI) workforce development committees, McCray is helping to inspire change and action.

In fact, McCray Lumber and Millwork is proud to be a supporter of the KCNARI Futures Fund, which helps to promote careers in the remodeling industry by focusing on fundraising and improving training, education, and career opportunities for skilled trades jobs. This fund has recently given grants to the Independence School District Construction Program, Olathe District Schools Construction Trade Program, and Kansas City Kansas Community College.

The skilled trades gap in the construction industry is a widening problem, but with the effort of companies like McCray Lumber and Millwork, can be closed through awareness and education, one community, and one career, at a time.