The Skilled Labor Fund

It is no secret that today’s economy has lead to a gap when it comes to the skilled trades. While some people wrongfully assume there are not careers available outside of the typical suit and tie nine to five, the reality is that there are job options available to those with trades skills all across the country, including right here in the Kansas City area. However, with the help of organizations like the Skilled Labor Fund, awareness is being spread, and jobs are beginning to be filled.

The Skilled Labor Fund is an industry wide effort to raise funds to address the shortage of skilled labor entering the residential construction market. From contractors to painters to carpenters to even truck drivers, this organization is committed to working with communities to bring these skills into local markets across the country.

Dedicated fully to the residential construction market, the Skilled Labor Fund attracts and trains labor, gives funds to accredited schools as scholarships, and works with various national associations to address the trades gap. Some of the partners of the Skilled Labor Fund include the National Association of Home Builders, the National Housing Endowment, the National Kitchen and Bath Association, as well as the National Association of the Remodeling Industry – better known as NARI.

The Skilled Labor Fund helps promote a passion for careers in the trade industry, and that passion has begun to spread throughout the Kansas City area. Locally, organizations across the Metro are beginning to get behind the cause, and help educate individuals on trade jobs. In fact, both the chapters of KC NARI and KC HBA have workforce development committees assigned to addressing the ongoing issue and closing the skills gap.

McCray Lumber and Millwork is a proud supporter of spreading awareness and lessening the skilled trades gap throughout the industry. Involved in both the education and funding of the issue, McCray has taken an active role, and is working alongside organizations like the Skilled Labor Fund to promote tangible change.