Simpson Strong-Tie Framed House Example

Simpson® Strong-Tie at McCray Lumber and Millwork

Make your next project the best it can be by using Simpson Strong-Tie’s line of connectors and fastening systems. Innovative and durable, materials by Simpson Strong-Tie stand the test of time, and give Kansas City homes and businesses properties that are better than ever before. McCray Lumber and Millwork has proudly partnered with Simpson Strong-Tie for years, stocking a number of different building products from the lineup. If you would like something not currently in stock, McCray will get the product to you as soon as possible, often the same or next business day.

For more than five decades, Simpson Strong-Tie has helped create stronger homes and commercial properties through:

Solutions for Every Project
Simpson Strong-Tie offers unmatched fasteners and connecting systems for any project. Whether wood, steel, or integrated, there is a solution for your project that will keep it strong for a lifetime. These systems not only add to the value of your property, but also its safety as each solution provides durable results that can be trusted to protect your family or business.

Easy Installation
Simpson Strong-Tie understands that installation can be a hassle – but it does not have to be. With their custom fasteners and connecting systems, Simpson Strong-Tie makes installing your deck, roof, or other structure fast and easy. Plus, with options like the Quik Drive® Auto-Feed Screw Driving Solution that allow you to stand while operating it, pain caused from kneeling during the process is eliminated.

Additional Resources
Easy-to-use fasteners and connecting systems are not the only way Simpson Strong-Tie helps your project. With resources available for everything from code change updates to understanding and preventing corrosion to useful design software and more, Simpson Strong-Tie goes above and beyond to help your build be the best. Plus, these tools assist in maintaining your project for years to come, keeping it strong and beautiful for you to enjoy.

When planning your next build, opt for Simpson Strong-Tie. Now in stock at McCray Lumber and Millwork, these state-of-the-art building materials make creating a strong structure simple. To learn more, or to get Simpson Strong-Tie products for your project, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.