VeriLock Sensor Andersen

Secure Your Home with VeriLock Sensors

There is nothing worse than leaving your home, and worrying about whether or not you forgot to lock your windows or even your front door. This feeling of panic can ruin a perfectly wonderful afternoon, or even a precious family vacation. Reassure yourself, and protect your home from damages that can come from unlocked windows and doors by installing VeriLock Sensors today.

VeriLock Sensors are the latest invention from Eagle by Andersen that adds value and comfort to your home. When paired with a Honeywell security system, these sensors can detect whether your windows and doors are opened or unlocked. This incredible feature is one that no other sensor can provide, and with the latest technology, can keep you updated on your home’s security whether you are inside, or miles away.

With just a quick glance at your security system keypad, the wireless sensors will be able to let you know whether your E-Series Eagle windows and doors are open, closed, locked, or unlocked. You can even be alerted by checking in on your smartphone in the corresponding Honeywell app.

Knowing that your windows and doors are locked is not just a security concern. In fact, having locked windows and doors can help your home’s energy efficiency by reducing the amount of air that flows through even doors that are closed, but unlocked. When you invest in VeriLock Sensors, you are not only getting the perks of lower energy bills, but you are also guaranteed a trusted product that keeps maintenance to a minimum. With simple battery replacement that only occurs once in a blue moon, you and your wallet will be able to rest easy and securely.

With no visible wires or sensors, your windows and doors just become more beautiful, knowing that they are protecting you and your family. Install Eagle windows and doors with VeriLock Sensors today, and stay secured for a lifetime.

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