Contemporary Home Design

The Rise of Contemporary Design Trends

Design trends in the building industry have been changing since the beginning of time. From box style houses to shag carpets, home fashions and products are constantly evolving. However, in today’s modern world of architecture, the biggest design trend is contemporary.

Now gaining as one of the biggest industry market shares, contemporary style homes are popping up all across the country. While first unveiled in major cities, the trend of contemporary housing is making its way into the mainstream for consumers of all backgrounds and budgets. No longer will you see these houses just in the wealthiest neighborhoods of Upstate New York, as they are now regularly making appearances in the classic suburban atmosphere.

Known for their simple lines and dramatic angles, no two contemporary homes are the same. A major factor in the contemporary movement is the ability for each homeowner to showcase his or her own individual tastes through their home’s uniquely modern design and architecture.

Contemporary homes typically have very clean, straight visuals that make up the general architecture, and are complemented with large, open common living rooms and spaces. These homes give the sense of continuation, with designs that are undisturbed by interior divisions. However, when there is a division between rooms, that wall, window, or door becomes a dramatic focal point of the home, elaborated by bold colors and design patterns, often involving matte metal materials.

McCray Lumber and Millwork offers many options when it comes to creating a contemporary home, including designs by Andersen Windows. Andersen’s products, including the Industrial Modern, International Modern, and Miesian Modern windows are engineered with both contemporary style, and the latest building technologies in mind. Use their easy step-by-step design tool to create the perfect window for your unique contemporary space, whether exterior or interior, and complete the job with customized hardware.

Contemporary design is a growing trend within the building industry, and is here to stay. With the help of Andersen Windows’ contemporary line, you can have your house modernized in no time.

For more information on Andersen Windows and the latest contemporary design trends, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.