LP SmartSiding

Repair Your Siding Before the Weather Changes

Finally, the dog days of summer are starting to wind down, and you can smell the air growing crisper by the minute. Fall is quickly approaching, and before you know it, those sweaty summer nights will have turned into cozy evenings inside with your family. While the lingering heat from the end of summer may have you begging for the bitter cold right away, there is still one thing you need to do before the seasons change and the weather turns frosty: update your home’s siding.

The siding on your home is invaluable when it comes to insulation. When your outdated siding has holes or is beginning to warp, the warm air that you pay for to keep your home comfortable in the fall and winter escapes to the outdoors. Meaning, when your home lacks the proper siding to keep your home well insulated, both your indoor temperature and wallet will be left feeling uncomfortable.

To keep your home’s insulation in top shape, you need to first inspect every square inch of your home’s exterior siding. Spot any areas that look troublesome? Fix them now, before the weather fully changes, to get the most out of a repair or replacement.

When you repair or replace your home’s siding with LP SmartSide Siding, you will keep your home and family protected for more than just the one season to come. In fact, LP SmartSide Siding is made from engineered wood that is scientifically tested and proven to last longer and insulate better than traditional siding. Not to mention, LP SmartSide Siding comes in countless colors and styles that can be tailored to your specific tastes.

While it may seem like a daunting task to take on, repairing and replacing your outdated siding before the season changes is an important step to take to protect both your family and wallet. Consider starting your LP SmartSide Siding project today, and know that even when the seasons change, your new siding will continue to care for you.

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