G Tape

Protect Your Deck with Nichigo G-Tape™

As a homeowner, an important aspect of keeping your property safe is by keeping your deck healthy. But maintaining a healthy deck consists of more than just giving it a quick sweep before your annual summer BBQ. In fact, natural elements like water, dirt, and other organic material can cause significant damage to your deck frame. Kansas City has had a wet start to the summer season, which is why it is more important than ever to protect your home’s deck with Nichigo G-Tape.

Along with helping to maintain the health of your deck, the Nichigo G-Tape 3040 series of Acrylic Flashing Tape offers a wide range of benefits to homeowners, including:

Strong Protection
The 3040 series of Acrylic Flashing Tape offers unmatched protection for your deck’s joists. By keeping out water, dirt, and other debris, this G-Tape helps your deck resist rot, mildew, and many other forms of damage that could weaken and prematurely age the structure. Plus, the G-Tape has a 300 day exposure period, so there is no need to replace it if your project hits a snag.

Easy Installation
Nichigo 3040 series G-Tape can be torn by hand, making it easy and quick to install. The tape does not lose any adhesion power when released, and can even be repositioned if need be on your deck. The material is also lightweight, which adds to the ease of use.

Customizable Sizes
The 3040 series of G-Tape by Nichigo is available in five different sizes, making finding the right fit for your deck easy. Choose from black styles all 65’ long with widths of either 2”, 4”, or 9” in stock. Other widths of 6″ and 12″ can be ordered in carton quantities if needed.

A deck is a big investment to make, so protect it with Nichigo G-Tape. The 3040 series of Acrylic Flashing Tape is ideal for even the most extreme environments (like Kansas City summers), and will keep your deck healthy for seasons to come. To learn more or to use G-Tape on your deck, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.